Leicester Hospitals Charity


The IDOLS are excited to announce that we will be raising money for the Leicester Hospitals Charity this year.

As we are performing Annie we thought it important we focused on the children's area of the charity. We will be organizing fundraisers throughout the year and will be donating some money from this years production of Annie.

We have also set up an IDOLS just giving page.


Here is some more information on where our donated money will be spent:


Leicester Hospitals Charity Children’s Appeal -

"As a parent, we do everything we can to care for our children. But when our child is really sick, we need expert help. The doctors and nurses of Leicester's hospitals have a dream to create a children's hospital at the LRI, but they need support to turn that dream into reality.

Leicester Children’s Hospital is one of the biggest children’s hospital services in the Midlands and Eastern England. We employ over 2,000 staff in the combined Women’s and Children’s Clinical Management Group. Our staff work as part of 70  specialist teams – and we have world experts in cardio-respiratory medicine, kidney disease, diabetes and other specialties.

Every day around 500 children come to Leicester Children’s Hospital. For many the treatment is quick and the children soon recover. But for a few, that first visit to hospital is the start of a life-changing journey, with a very uncertain outcome.

Our dream is to bring all our children’s services together on one site, at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. But to do that we need to raise substantial sums of money. We will be launching a fundraising appeal later this year once our plans are more developed.

We are currently in the private phase of the ‘Leicester Hospitals Charity Children’s Appeal’ and are currently awaiting confirmation of how much funding will be available from the NHS. If NHS is not available we will still continue to raise money to upgrade all of our children’s wards to the same standard as ward 27, please see the attached photos. This will not give us the dedicated area we are hoping for but it will still make a huge difference to our patients".